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Storms and Storm Clouds

Well, its that time of year in Australia where, depending which end of the country you live in, you will be making preparations for either cyclones or floods ... or both. Having recently moved from North Queensland to South East Queensland, it is feeling quite strange not to have to prepare my cyclone kit this year.

This time of year is great for landscape photographers, offering some amazing storm build-ups and lightning strikes to photograph. Not so much right where I live unfortunately. I would have to drive about half an hour away to get some of those great shots. But I have been able to manage to get a couple of quite nice shots.

This image was taken in October when we were getting a few afternoon storms and this one came in over the old set of cattle yards near my house.

Storm over the cattle yards

This one was taken on Friday. We have had storms each afternoon for the last four days and I thought the cloud build-up made a nice backdrop to the old stone house. You can see how badly the grass has dried off in the last month of horrible heat.

Storm clouds over old stone house

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