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Moon Rising

Today I went to Bushland Beach to try to catch the moon rising above the beach. I've been trying to get out there for the last few months, but just haven't been up to it as I've not been feeling well. This month was my last chance for a while I think, as the moon is rising earlier each month, so this month it was just before sunset ... by next month it will be way before sunset and won't make for a good photo.

Anyway, I got out there, and the moon was already up, but still low enough with a nice reverse sunset colour happening, so I took a few shots. The images I got I wasn't really happy with the clarity, but am happy with the composition. To get a nice clear moon in my photo, I also took a separate moon shot, which I used to replace the moon in the image. I haven't done too many composite images, but I think this worked pretty well.

I had taken a few sunset shots in between working on the moon rise shots but they were not that impressive. Then, after I finished with the moon shots, I turned around and was treated with the most amazing sunset. A good reminder to always look around while you are shooting outdoors. You never know what is going on behind you.

I hope you enjoy the images I captured at Bushland Beach, Townsville, Qld AU.

Moon rise at Bushland Beach, Qld AU

Moon rise at Bushland Beach, Qld AU

Sunset at Bushland Beach, Qld AU

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