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Sunday Summary No 1

I recently got a portable lighting kit so had a bit f a play with it tonight trying to get portrait shots of my dog and cat. They were quite cooperative, which surprised me a bit, particularly my dog, Cindy. She doesn't like me taking photos of her. My cat Teddy doesn't really care, so long as I am paying attention to him, he really doesn't mind what I'm doing.

Anyway, I set the lights up and took some photos. They are just little LED battery operated lights, which is really handy, as I can take them with me to do outdoor shoots. Makes a lot more sense for me, as that is what I do mostly. I don't have a proper studio back drop, so just pulled my curtains and used a rug on my coffee table. For my first portrait shots, I'm pretty happy with them. I need to work on the lighting though, it wasn't quite right, but I'm not feeling very well tonight, so couldn't spend much time playing on it.

Anyway, here are a couple of the photos. Cindy still looks miserable, which is her usual "photo face" lol. She actually enjoyed it and bounced off the table all excited about having taken part in the adventure. Teddy was just waiting for me to wave his toy around again.

Cindy portrait
Teddy portrait

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