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Looking Back

Its always fun to go back to photos that I have taken a while ago and see if there are any new ones I can process. When you take hundreds of images on an outing, its only the ones that immediately jump out at me that I process straight away. Others often need more extensive processing to get the required result and those are the ones that I'll go back to from time to time to discover.

This time it was my shoot at Queen Mary Falls, Killarney in Queensland that I looked at. There were a couple of images that took my eye. One was of the path leading to the falls. I love the way the light plays across the path in this one. The other was of some fungi on a stump which was on the side of the path. I think the different textures make for an interesting image, although I'm not sure it really has the impact I was hoping for. I'm still happy with it though.

I hope you enjoy looking at my images as much as I enjoy making them.

Path to Queen Mary Falls, Killarney, Qld
Fungi on stump

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