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New and exciting website

I'm excited to show off my new and exciting website. I've worked really hard on it over the last couple of weeks, and I think it is greatly improved. It looks way more professional now (at least I hope it does). The Shop is up and running on the Gallery page. Still just digital downloads (that you can take to your local print store to have printed) at this stage, but the App developers assure me that Australia will soon be able to purchase canvas and print products as well.

The Subscribers link on my Blog page seems to be working also. Now I just have to get people interested enough to actually subscribe. I can promise you won't be bombarded with Blogs, as I can only send out 3 free ones a month at this stage. Besides, I'm not doing enough at the moment to have anything interesting to say to you.

The Red Flowering Gum is in flower in my front yard now and the Rainbow Lorikeets just love it. I got some nice shots of them a few days ago which have now gone into my Gallery for sale.

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