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My Photos for Sale

Rainbow Lorikeet from Fauna Gallery
Pink Frangipani from Flora Gallery

As usual, been a while since I've blogged. I have a lot going on at home at the moment, so not getting as much time to work on my photography as I would like. However, I have spent some time lately updating my website and adding an option to purchase my photos as digital images. Wix advises that the images should be available for sale as quality prints or canvas prints in ... hopefully ... a few weeks.

My biggest issue is whether to watermark my images or not. It is a question that seems to divide a lot of photographers. One argument is that putting a watermark on a photo will detract from it. The other argument is that the watermark is your signature and if it is placed unobtrusively on the image it will not detract from it.

Personally, I work hard to produce images that I am proud of and I want people to know that it is one of my images. Painters sign their work proudly and that is how I feel about a watermark. So I've decided to go with a watermark on the image ... but I guess if no-one buys them I'll have to re-think this plan.

Hopefully my next blog will be advising that my photos are available in other formats so that people can use them as wall art for their homes. That would be so awesome!

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