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New Update

Its been quite a while since I've updated my blog but I've been quite busy lately. Recently I spent some time with my family in Warwick, Qld AU. They live on a property west of Warwick and there is just so much to photograph there. The image included in this blog is of the old stone house which is attached to the house they live in. It was the original house, comprised of two rooms and is just an amazing place. Its a shame it has been left to fall into ruin, but makes for a great photo opportunity.

Another recent change is that I've created a Google+ profile. I find facebook has become increasingly difficult to keep up with my friends, as there is too much advertising and often friends' posts don't even appear on my feed now. I don't know whether G+ will be any better, but I'm giving it a go.

So, if you are wanting to view more of my images, you now have the choice of my fb profile, or my G+ profile (although it will take a while to get the G+ profile up to date with my images).

Stay safe and I hope you enjoy looking through my images.

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