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My Photography for Sale

Well, after numerous false starts, I think I have finally come up with a solution I'm happy with for the sale of my photographs. I am now a member of Deviant Art ( and have put the photographs which are displayed here on my website onto Deviant Art for sale. The "For Sale" button here will take you straight to my Gallery where you can purchase prints either by themselves, on block, canvas or framed. Its pretty exciting and I'm waiting for my first sale. These photos are my favourites, so I hope you like them too.

I also have a new camera, a Canon 70D, which is really exciting. So far I've only been able to play with it around my house, taking flower photos. It has different controls to my old Canon 1100D, so I now have to learn where everything is and how it all works. So much fun! Hopefully I'll get to take it out for a shoot soon and get something other than flowers. I have so many photography ideas and not enough time to get out and give them a go.

Stay safe and remember to look around you ... there is beauty everywhere if you just take a moment to look.

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